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6th Annual Effective Oncology Benefit Management - A Forum for Payers

Solutions for Designing Benefit Programs, Controlling Costs and Ensuring High-Quality Care

October 27-28, 2011
  • Chicago, IL

CBI’s 6th Effective Oncology Benefit Management Forum provides strategies for health plans to assist in optimizing their oncology treatment programs.  Many new treatments have been released or are in development including biologic and oral products which carry significantly higher prices than traditional drugs.  In addition, distribution for oncology products has become much more complicated, with the rise of specialty pharmacy.  At this annual forum, payers hear specific strategies for benefit design, creating a pathways program, managing relationships with providers from peers as well as other industry stakeholders.  Participate in a collaborative atmosphere of discussion and come up with mutually beneficial solutions for the treatment of cancer.

Topics to be addressed in 2011:

  • Utilizing specialty pharmacies to achieve a best-in class oncology program
  • Using treatment pathways and personalized medicine to enhance care and improve outcomes
  • The impact of emerging healthcare delivery models on the oncology community
  • Comparative effectiveness research in current and future coverage decisions