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Bio/Pharmaceutical Imaging Forum

Use Imaging as a Tool for Transforming Translational Research – Improve Data Acquisition, Standardization and Analysis

December 11-12, 2012
  • Philadelphia, PA

Available for $298.00

Advance Drug Discovery and Clinical Outcomes Through Imaging Solutions

Imaging technology provides the bio/pharmaceutical industry with many benefits that include the reduction of trial timelines from three years to two years, allowing analytical information to make go/no go decisions early in development and is encouraged by regulatory agencies to provide accurate data in clinical trials.  With all the benefits, standardization with technology and data analysis to enhance translational research continues to be a major challenge for imaging professionals managing pre-clinical or clinical studies.

This forum examines critical industry challenges such as:

  • New PET draft guidance to qualify PET tracers for clinical trials
  • Discuss strategies for an efficient and timely FDA approval of new imaging biomarkers
  • Standardization of imaging protocol to enhance data analysis techniques throughout clinical sites
  • Imaging in translational research – from bench to bedside
  • Ensure collaboration with pharma and universities for clinical studies