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6th Annual Medical Science Liaison Skill Building and Management Summit

Develop Effective Medical and Clinical Science Liaison Teams with Clear Internal Value Propositions

January 18-19, 2012
  • Philadelphia, PA

Available for $298.00

This conference convenes Medical and Clinical Science Liaison leaders and their teams to hone skills and develop performance improvement strategies that address the specific challenges of each role.  Examine how to navigate the regulatory and compliance environment including current approaches to complying with Sunshine and other disclosure requirements.  On the second day, attendees break into customized tracks to delve into tactics for success in their particular roles. Leaders learn how to foster successful teams in the U.S. and abroad while CSLs and MSLs discuss career progression strategies.

A Diverse Expert Faculty Leads Discussions on:

  • Current approaches to compliance
  • Techniques to measure, support and communicate the value of the clinical and medical liaison internally
  • Virtual team management – keeping CSLs and MSLs motivated from a distance
  • Maximizing diversity and business acumen in your team
  • The evolving liaison role in the diagnostics and device industries
  • Optimizing KOL interactions
  • Determining your stance on the “terminal degree”