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3rd Pharma/Bio Boot Camp on Electronic Trial Master Files

Improve Clinical Efficiencies with Effective eTMF Implementation and Management

May 15-16, 2012
  • Philadelphia, PA

Available for $298.00

Utilize eTMF Systems for Effective Clinical Document Management

As pharma makes the shift toward maintaining all of their TMFs in an electronic format, consideration must be given not only to the best design and implementation of the system, but once implemented how it should be monitored, maintained and managed.  This meeting provides the opportunity for industry to share best practices and learn from those who have gone through this process, so clinical operations can be improved through quicker and more cost-effective global document access.    

Join the Advancing Industry and Learn How To Manage an eTMF System

  • Maintain compliance with clinical documentation
  • Review evolving global regulatory expectations
  • Discuss best practices for document destruction
  • Review challenges working with global trial master files
  • Determine best integration methods with Portals and CTMS Systems