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CBI’s 4th Forum on Clinical Trial Budgeting and Project Management

Accurately Forecast, Budget and Manage Clinical Trials to Reduce Costs and Increase Speed

December 11-12, 2012
  • San Francisco, CA

Available for $298.00

Benchmark against the best minds in clinical finance and project management!

Clinical and R&D teams are under more pressure than ever to complete their trials on time and withinin budget.  Bridge the gap between Finance and Project Management to identify tools, solutions and best practices to leverage in ensuring accurate and effective planning, forecasting and managing of clinical trials.

Featured Sessions Include:

  • Improving the accuracy of trial systems used for forecasting
  • Analysis and methods for mitigating cost variables in developing markets
  • Resource planning for trails – Balancing FTEs and contractors for optimal ROI
  • Using performance incentives in clinical development

Two Crucial Topics. One Comprehensive Forum. Register Now!