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Expand Oncology Care Models to Manage Costs and Ensure Access to Advanced Treatments

October 10-11, 2018
  • Scottsdale, AZ

As cancer care costs steadily rise, innovations in oncology care management and payer-provider payment reform remain a critical imperative for key stakeholders. Now in its 13th year, CBI’s Value-Based Oncology Management convenes payers, providers, PBMs, manufacturers and specialty pharmacies to examine current challenges and share best practices to control costs, reduce variation in care and improve patient outcomes.

In-Depth Discussions, Panel Sessions and Case Presentations Will Address:

  • Examine the results to date of the Oncology Care Model in
    terms of impact on cost and quality of care
  • Evaluate the role of molecular testing in value-based models
  • Review of the oncology drug development pipeline and
    current indications for 2019 and beyond
  • Consider the impact of (CAR)-T cell therapy on
    oncology cost management
  • Discuss the impact of market dynamics, public policy and
    hospital consolidations on community cancer clinics
    and site of care demand
  • Leverage big data to generate actionable clinical insights
    and make better informed treatment plans
  • Assess the impact of oncology value frameworks on
    managed care decision-making
  • Explore how to structure specialty pharmacy practices to
    promote collaboration with providers, patients, and payers
    to provide patient centered oncology care
  • Advance palliative care models that encompass payers
    and providers
  • Update on the status of 340B and its potential impact on
    prescription drug access and affordability

Previous Attendee Acclaim:

Extremely timely.

Medical Director, Novant Health

One of the most informative conferences I have been to in years — All the presentations were very relevant to my job.

Medical Director, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

The conference was a nice collection of experts discussing their current strategies to improve patient care through systems of care delivery. It was excellent.

US Oncology