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Pharma/Biotech Gross-to-Net Accruals and Accounting Summit

Rebates • Accruals • Discounts • Chargebacks • Returns • Admin Fees • Product Launch Accounting

November 16, 2011
  • Philadelphia, PA

Gross-to-Net accruals and contra-revenue deductions typically constitute a significant financial statement line item and an enormous administrative burden for life science companies.  As more product moves through the managed care and government channels, the volume and complexities of accounting for gross-to-net accruals become staggering. 


This meeting dives into the nuances of gross-to-net accruals/accounting and peels back the layers of government statutes and evolving regulations that greatly impact gross-to-net estimates and financial reporting. 

In-Depth and Timely Coverage On:

  • Impact of healthcare reform
  • Implementing estimates and payment of industry fees
  • Gross-to-net accruals for:

       - Medicaid Rebates

       - Medicare Part D

       - managed care

       - sales discounts

       - chargebacks

       - 340B

  • Sales returns
  • New product launches
  • Testing validity of reserves
  • Financial statement presentation considerations
  • Best practices in streamlining and automating gross-to-net activities

CPE credits are available for this event.