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3rd Summit on Animal Health Marketing Strategies – Co-Located with CVC Kansas City

Increase Brand Awareness and Product Uptake through Targeted Veterinarian and Consumer Campaigns

August 29, 2011
  • Kansas City, MO

Building on the success of its previous summits, CBI continues to bring together animal health executives and marketing professionals to discuss regulatory and compliance considerations, industry trends and promotions to veterinarians and consumers through various channels to maximize marketing dollars, increase product uptake and improve market access.

In 2009, the FDA issued untitled letters to fourteen different pharmaceutical companies for being non-compliant with their “banner ads” in internet search engines.  Areas of concern included omission of material facts (risk information), inadequate communication of indications, overstatement of efficacy and failure to use a required established name.  While previously using the “one click rule” to safety information, this can no longer be the case as FDA is strictly enforcing these rules. 

This is one of the many considerations animal health companies have in the development of their integrated marketing campaigns as they explore new tools and technologies to increase product uptake, such as social media.  Additionally, animal health marketers are being tasked with getting the highest value out of their investments which involves careful planning and execution in reaching both veterinarians and consumers as well as overcoming the challenge of ROI measurement.         

Attend this Summit to:

  • Gain insight into future growth areas in the companion animal health market
  • Participate in a regulatory panel discussion of recent enforcement actions and develop best practices to ensure compliant campaigns
  • Discuss various sales and marketing channels to increase product uptake including veterinary distributors, in-house sales force and retail/OTC
  • Drive product uptake through veterinary and consumer education programs
  • Leverage rebate and loyalty programs and develop measures to benchmark effectiveness