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Clinical Technology Congress

eTMF • CTMS • Portals • IVR/IWR

June 11-12, 2012
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Available for $298.00

Manage and Integrate Systems to Advance Clinical Trial Operations

In 2012, the pharmaceutical industry must utilise clinical systems to their full capacity in order to successfully advance drug development. Through effective system management and convergence, pharma can streamline the clinical trial process, saving time and cutting costs.  Due to popular demand, the successful US events focusing on eTMF, CTMS, Portals and IVR/IWR are being brought to Europe in a large technology congress. This meeting provides in-depth knowledge on eTMF, IVR/IWR, CTMS and Portal Systems, as well as building blocks for system integration.

Benchmark Against Industry Innovators:

  • Understand how to monitor the TMF to increase compliance
  • Leverage a CTMS to identify investigator sites
  • Examine how a portal improves oversight of study/site management
  • Strategize for IRT centralisation and optimisation
  • Alight sponsors and CROs through clinical technology integration