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CBI’s Forum on Sponsor/CRO System and Business Process Integration

Effectively Access and Manage Clinical Trial Information and Data

November 15-16, 2012
  • East Brunswick, NJ

Available for $ 495 .00

Utilize Sponsor and CRO Systems for Effective Clinical Document Management

Clinical studies continue to evolve due to mergers, acquisitions and initiatives towards a fully outsourced model.  As a result, a sponsor could conduct studies where they need oversight of or immediate data from a CRO system or service providers, in addition to working within their own systems.  In order to streamline this process, the bio/pharmaceutical industry needs to establish best practices on how to effectively manage and work collaboratively with eTMF, CTMS, Portal and EDC systems.  This meeting provides a platform to determine the industry solutions for improved global clinical data access.    

Join Industry Colleagues and Indentify Proven Solutions CRO Collaboration

  • Establish criteria for accessing data among all users
  • Understand implications of  mergers/acquisitions and resulting system/data integration between companies
  • Ensure CROs and vendors are collaborating effectively
  • Manage data integration from a vendor system into Sponsor/CRO
  • Manage CRO and vendor communication during studies



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