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CBI’s 11th Annual Patient Adherence Forum

Improve Patient Outcomes and Product Utilization through Stakeholder and Patient Engagement

April 26-27, 2012
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Available for $495.00

Improving adherence rates in the United States has been a focus of manufacturers, payers and providers for well over 10 years, yet poor adherence continues to persist!  But now, with broader support for and focus on improved outcomes, will the right incentives finally be in place to make a notable shift in adherence rates? 

Attend the 11th annual Forum to understand how the changes of healthcare reform, technological innovation and a patient centered healthcare conversation can help biopharmaceutical manufactures improve adherence.  CBI hosts the ideal forum to explore new approaches to influencing patient behavior, showcases successful case studies and provides actionable strategies to implement in your adherence efforts.

Key Reasons to Attend:

  • Set realistic expectations internally with qualitative benchmarking data and tested metrics
  • Hear case studies examining how biopharmaceutical companies can engage patients, physicians, pharmacists, employers and payers in adherence and persistency promoting practices
  • Interactive panel discussions, working groups and roundtables to stimulate collaboration and innovation
  • The 7th Annual Strategic Patient Adherence awards - Visit Pharmaceutical Executive’s website for coverage on the 2011 SPA Awards

Are the traditional approaches to adherence as effective as they once were?  An article in Pharmaceutical Executive states that a starting point to improve effectiveness is influencing the behavior of the people behind the patient.
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