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CBI’s 2nd Annual Medical Communications and Information Summit

Deliver Impactful Information while Effectively Monitoring Compliance

September 20-21, 2012
  • San Diego, California

Available for $298.00

Pharmaceutical medical affairs teams; Overcome unclear standards for transparency and regulatory compliance to deliver impactful scientific information!

CBI's Medical Affairs and Communications Summit-delivers best practices and SOPs vital to the compliant, accurate and impactful delivery of medical-information.  Attend the 2012 event and benefit from:

  • Knowing the latest in CIAs and how these agreements impact HCP interactions
  • Understanding how litigation trends and the Sunshine Act impact medical communications
  • Compliantly connecting with patients and healthcare providers through social media, apps and the web
  • Identifying strategies to create parallel strategies across medical and commercial groups
  • Best practices for disseminating comparative effectiveness information in publications and in the field