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5th Annual Congress on Access Programs for Investigational and Pre-Launch Drugs

Enable Global Patient Access to Medicines for Treatment Outside of Traditional Clinical and Commercial Settings

July 19-20, 2012
  • Philadelphia, PA

Available for $298.00

Ensuring Patient Access to Products for Treatment Purposes when Traditional Channels Aren’t Available

A tailored two-day meeting for those considering or currently working on the design and execution of a variety of access management programs all aiming to achieve the same goal – provide investigational, pre-launch or end-of-lifecycle drugs to patients for treatment purposes. 

Benefit from lessons learned by your peers when you explore the common characteristics of various programs, including but not limited to: Expanded Access Programs, Early Access Programs, Compassionate Use Programs, Named Patient Programs. 

Improve Your Program Design, Implementation and Execution.

  • Overcome local and global regulatory, strategic and logistical hurdles
  • Examine the effects of the FDA rules update in 2009
  • Dissect  program design elements, protocol recommendations and resource needs
  • Create partnerships with physicians, patient advocacy groups and other program champions
  • Explore common management, communication and end-of-program complexities
  • Analyze real-world patient experiences to improve future clinical and commercial initiatives

This conference is tri-located with CBI’s 7th Annual Rare Disease and Orphan Drug Leadership Congress and CBI’s 3rd Annual Product Launch and Market Access Congress.

This conference is a part of CBI’s 3-Day Access World.

Access World brings together the delegations of the annual Congresses on Rare Disease, Access Programs for Investigational and Pre-Launch Drugs, and Product Launch and Market Access.

To take full advantage of Access World, register for one of the annual 2-day congresses and choose which program’s additional day of content you’d like to attend at the special Access World rate.  See Pricing for details.



About Our Silver Sponsor IDIS

Around the world, patients with unmet medical needs are frequently driven to seek access to medicines outside the clinical trial and commercial setting.  Idis is the leading expert in developing, implementing and managing global Managed Access Programs by which pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and healthcare providers can respond to the needs of these patients. 

Idis has 25 years experience of partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to create regulatory-compliant, ethical access to medicines for healthcare professionals and their patients with unmet medical needs. Since 1987, Idis has developed and managed access to thousands of medicines from virtually every therapeutic category, impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. 

Idis leverages decades of experience, regulatory insight, and a thorough understanding of local and global requirements to create access to medicines at every stage of a product’s lifecycle from pre-approval to market exit, and in times of unexpected production shortages.