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Improve Performance, Compliance and Quality with Paperless Manufacturing and eDHR

June 4-5, 2014
  • San Diego, CA

Reduce your regulatory risk, improve product quality and significantly reduce your operational costs by using Manufacturing Operations Management Systems.


Learn directly from your industry peers on what they are doing with their manufacturing operations management systems. Hear first-hand their strategies and techniques to:


  • Consider Opportunities, Costs and Deployment Options
  • Ensure Absolute Success in MES Deployment with Clear Objectives and Communication with Stakeholders
  • Minimize Re-Validation through Configurable and Simple MES Design and Modeling
  • Implement Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) to Enable Lean Manufacturing and Early Detection and Prevention of Issues
  • Utilize MES to Fill the Missing Link in Your UDI Strategy
  • Explore the Real Future of Cloud-Based Solutions on MES