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Maximize Asset Value by Identifying and Commercializing New Indication and Repurposing Opportunities

May 18-19, 2016
  • Alexandria, VA

Identifying opportunities for indication expansion continue to be at the forefront of research and development efforts when bringing new products to market; however, these efforts must go beyond R&D. With commercial implications and opportunities often competing with the clinical needs of the expanded indication, R&D teams are tasked with maximizing the value of these new assets for all internal and external stakeholders.

CBI’s Indication Expansion and Drug Repurposing Summit explores strategies for how to successfully expand indications and repurpose drugs while accounting for the safety, commercial, regulatory and IP implications. This information-rich, inaugural summit features pre-conference workshops laser-focused on how to develop a drug repurposing strategy and the opportunities and partnerships in orphan drug repurposing as well as featured case studies, roundtable breakouts and groundbreaking discovery sessions. Join your industry peers and leaders to network, benchmark and learn key strategies and opportunities associated with indication expansion that will allow your teams to continue to maximize the value of these assets to all stakeholders.


Trupti Trivedi
Vice President Biometrics

Craig Wegner
Head, Boston Emerging Innovations Unit, Scientific Partnering & Alliances
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Chris Lipinski
Scientific Advisor
Melior Discovery

Iris Grossman
Vice President, Head of Personalized & Predictive Medicine & Big Data Analytics
Teva Pharmaceuticals

Jeffrey Sherman
Chief Medical Officer
Horizon Pharma

Martha Rinker
Vice President,
Public Policy


“Advance Repurposing and Expansion Opportunities through Collaboration, Research and Funding Support” “Rescuing Abandoned Drugs — Unlocking Value for Patients and Industry”

Christine M. Colvis, Ph.D.
Director, Drug Development
Partnership Programs, NCATS

Vivek Ramaswamy
Founder & CEO
Roivant Sciences, Inc.


  • Utilize the resources available through the NIH and NCATS, including the TRND and BrIDGs programs, to create repurposing opportunities and initiatives
  • Recognize the types of structured and unstructured data that can help drive these opportunities throughout the product lifecycle
  • Encompass the needs of clinical, regulatory and commercial groups when entering into new treatment development
  • Connect diseases with potentially converging biological targets through robust bioinformatics
  • Gain insights on employing phenotypic screening for drug repurposing
  • Collaborate with patient groups to assist with clinical trial and KOL recruitment, as well as advocacy with government entities
  • Compare how exclusivity strategies change based on the type of discovery and development, including expanded indications, repositioned drugs and new chemical entities (NCE)
  • Establish tactical marketing campaigns that effectively promote both the original and expanded indications
  • Utilize venture capitalists and investment houses to incubate new drug development opportunities
  • Bring the most value to patients with unmet treatment options by finding uses for drugs that have been under-researched

CUSTOMIZE YOUR AGENDA! Two Comprehensive, Pre-Conference Workshop Options:

A Drug Repurposing 101 — Build a Business Plan for Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue Efforts
B Partnerships and Innovations in Orphan Drug Repurposing

May 18-19, 2016 | Hilton Old Town | Alexandria, VA