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Increase Efficiencies in Sampling through Improved Communications, Compliance and Operations

April 19-20, 2016
  • Philadelphia, PA

Greater efficiency and better results are no longer a competitive advantage, but are now a necessity in today’s complex, competitive and challenging healthcare environment. Through interactive discussions, robust panels, breakout sessions and in-depth presentations, CBI’s Rx Sample Management and Logistics Summit arms you with the tools and roadmaps you need to eliminate gaps in your brand’s sphere of influence. At this year’s conference, delve into strategies for effectively connecting with HCP, NP and PA stakeholders while optimizing sample data collection and reporting processes to ensure greater efficiencies. Take advantage of this unique platform that provides you with actionable information on sample compliance, data and reporting while connecting you with leaders in the industry for solution-oriented and collaborative discussion.

Collaborate with Peers and Industry Leaders on Various Strategies to Optimize Program Efficiencies Across Compliance, Data Management and Logistics:

  • Utilize marketing convergence to increase brand adoption and loyalty
  • Analyze results within a continuous improvement process that establishes and nurtures relationships with stakeholders
  • Discuss the extent to which NPs and PAs can influence their peers and other providers
  • Develop meaningful key performance indicators in your sample accountability programs
  • Input variables to determine overall sample budgets
  • Delve into best practices to optimize the sample supply chain

April 19-20, 2016 | Wyndham Historic District | Philadelphia, PA