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Overcome Patient Affordability Barriers by Strategically Leveraging Manufacturer-Driven Discount Programs

April 5-6, 2016
  • Philadelphia, PA

From the company that brought you Coupon and Co-Pay Off-Set Strategies, CBI’s Formulary, Co-Pay and Access Summit provides a forum for industry to learn how to strategically navigate new access challenges, such as formulary exclusion, high deductible plans, NDC blocks and step therapy programs, while still providing valuable patient services and support, including coupons, co-pays or bridge programs.

Industry Viewpoints from Leading Companies in Affordability and Access, Including:

Benchmarking Critical Insights and Solutions to the Biggest Obstacles in Patient Access

  • Understand how formulary exclusions, like NDC blocks and step edits, are manifesting as new access challenges
  • Utilize existing data, including co-pay card usage data, to identify trends in formulary exclusions and prepare for future restrictions
  • Maximize customer understanding of changing benefit-designs to ensure speed to therapy for the patient
  • Capitalize on new initiatives on patient engagement within provider organizations through partnerships on patient centric quality programs
  • Launch the assistance program at the proper point in the product lifecycle to gain maximum engagement and uptake

April 5-6, 2016 Wyndham Historic District Philadelphia, PA