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Navigate Legal Challenges and Opportunities to Build Sustainable Patient Programs

September 25-26, 2017
  • Arlington, VA

Manufacturer-sponsored patient assistance programs (PAPs) and related patient programs, including co-pay assistance organizations and 501(c)(3) foundations, are facing continued change and uncertainty, particularly with regard to regulation and compliance issues. As a part of this, a number of manufacturers have received subpoenas related to their influence on and funding of PAPs. These factors have contributed to extensive challenges as manufacturers and other stakeholders work to determine the new “rulebook” for compliant PAPs.

CBI’s 2017 PAP Legal Update provides critical insight into key legal issues, including recent advisory opinions from the OIG, developments in the changing healthcare and regulatory landscapes, and opportunities for industry collaboration in the face of an increased need for risk mitigation.

Compelling Discussions, Pivotal Insights and
Interactive Sessions for Forward-Thinking Compliance
  • Gain an analysis of recent OIG Advisory Opinions related to PAPs
  • Examine the legal and enforcement environment impacting the relationships between manufacturers and 501(c)(3)s
  • Hear insights from advocates on efficient and effective PAPs and identify ways to strengthen your PAP with stakeholder engagement
  • Improve brand image and messaging for PAPs in the era of public scrutiny
  • Discuss policies for reducing risks associated with working with Medicare and Medicaid patients
  • Remain compliant with design and development of co-pay assistance programs
Expert Insights from Thought Leaders, Including:

Teva Pharmaceuticals Bayer Cooley LLP Epstein, Becker & Green
Nixon Peabody Bass Berry & Sims PLC Ohio Health
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

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