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Evolving Practices for Consent Management and Improving Data Accuracy in Cooperation with Third-Parties

April 4-5, 2017
  • London, England

Industry’s Highly Acclaimed Global Transparency
Reporting Congress Returns to London for 2017!

CBI’s 7th Annual Global Transparency Reporting Congress provides critical information on consent management and improving data accuracy in cooperation with third parties.

Join your colleagues for the most timely and actionable information available on emerging global guidelines and trends in reporting and managing transparency in payments to healthcare professionals across the globe. Collecting and reporting HCP and HCO expenditure data across multiple source systems and countries is complicated. It is critical to interpret the regulations or guidelines correctly and to set up your systems to ensure data accuracy and avoid duplication. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear of the progress to date and inherent challenges.


  • Evaluate Cross-Border Consent with Indirect Payments
  • Leverage Transparency Data Analytics to Improve Compliance Monitoring
  • Global Analysis of EFPIA Transparency Initiative —
    The Initial Objectives Versus The Results Obtained
  • Track and Disclose Transfers of Value (ToVs) to Technical Universities from EFPIA Countries — Where Goes the Borderline?
  • Address Lessons Learned for UK’s Disclosure Code Implementation
  • Discover the Media Perception on Disclosure of Data
  • Evaluate the Impact of Data Privacy Framework in EU for 2017 on Transparency Reporting
  • Learn Best Practices on How to Gain Consent and Achieve Accuracy of Data
  • Identify the Differences Between the U.S. and EFPIA Transparency Initiatives
  • Anticipate Challenges From Authorities Looking into Transparency Data with a Focus on Potential Violation of Tax Laws and Anti-Corruption

Previous Attendee Acclaim:

This educational meeting was a balanced and fair representation of the issues of financial interactions that pharma currently needs to grapple with. It offered a good practical understanding how each global sector is moving forwards with this and the sessions had an excellent educational content.

–Compliance Officer, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.

Comprehensive overview of transparency initiatives from
Sunshine Act to EFPIA disclosure. Mark your calendar.

–Medical Information Manager and Compliance Liaison, Sanofi-Aventis

The conference was very useful. A lot of interesting topics
were presented. It allowed for sharing experiences and
getting interesting practical tips and views.

–Regional Head of Compliance, AbbVie

4-5 April 2017 Amba Hotel Marble Arch London, UK