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The Premier Event on Membership Data Accuracy, Class of Trade Verification and Communication Efficiency

June 20-21, 2017
  • Parsippany, NJ

Bio/pharma manufacturers face significant operational challenges related to the proper management of GPO membership data. With membership numbers exceeding hundreds of thousands and no industry standard for class of trade designations, it is crucial for stakeholders to come together to discuss strategies to effectively streamline, verify and manage this data.

CBI’s 3rd Annual GPO Membership Eligibility and Class of Trade Maintenance conference convenes over 100 industry professionals representing manufacturers, GPOs, wholesalers, distributors and solution providers. Join us in June
to address these challenges and gain best practices to mitigate
membership compliance risk, ensure accuracy in COT
designation and optimize data processes.

CPE Credits
Available!Pending Approval

New for 2017! Partnership Pavilion — Propelling Collaboration for Streamlined Communication

Convene with your membership, contracts and pricing counterparts to overcome challenges around membership data accuracy and class of trade verification.

Compelling Sessions and
Actionable Takeaways on Topics Including:

  • The higher bar for strategic contracting in the evolving healthcare delivery landscape
  • Key concepts for class of trade protocol development strategies
  • Ensuring efficiency in membership maintenance and contract operations
  • Strategies to standardize and streamline membership validation procedures
  • Experiences and insights to overcome challenges of membership and class of trade
  • Alignment of government pricing needs with operational practices
  • Downstream effects of class of trade implications and best practices to ensure compliance

Previous Attendee Acclaim:

Terrific conference! Long overdue subject matter.
 Please continue with this!

Membership Analyst, Sanofi

I thought all of the speakers were excellent! Good presentations and clear knowledge of subject matter.

Director, Pricing and Contracting Operations, ZS Pharma

I found that this was one of the most meaningful
conferences with regards to my responsibilities
involving membership and COT!

National Pricing Manager, Takeda

June 20-21, 2017 Hilton Parsippany Parsippany, NJ