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September 11-12, 2017
  • Boston, MA

More than 500 new bio/pharma products will be launched in 2017 and as executing a comprehensive launch becomes increasingly more complex, it is critical to understand key items when mapping your product plan. A pharmaceutical product launch is one of the most critical moments in a product lifecycle. As the regulatory and commercial environments constantly evolve, it is vital to the success of an organization to adapt new launch strategies and tailor a launch to each product.

CBI’s Bio/Pharma Product Launch Summit is a can't-miss opportunity to discuss with innovative peers how to successfully launch a product in a highly saturated market and navigate the road map to consumer relevance and commercial success.

Capitalize on 10 Critical Reasons to Attend:

  • Evaluate the difference for launching a rare disease drug, biosimilar or specialty drug
  • Recognize the payer’s expectations to ensure product reimbursement
  • Optimize the commercial infrastructure to support a successful launch
  • Enhance product launch team resources to align, communicate and collaborate more effectively
  • Navigate the complexities of accurate forecasting
  • Differentiate a product to gain competitive advantage in the market
  • Utilize data analytics to track drug prescription trends and implement the key takeaways into the pre- and post- launch strategy
  • Develop trade marketing materials to successfully create the trade “value proposition”
  • Create a clear, concise communication platform for a drug candidate to improve performance
  • Take a deep dive into the customer engagement model and how it’s evolving rapidly with technology

Previous Attendee Acclaim:

I thought the conference was well prepared. All the speakers were experts in their topic and delivered their message effectively. Group interaction was also great. I learned a lot
and recommend this type of conference to anyone who is preparing to launch a product in the next 3-5 years.

Executive Director, Commercialization, Noven Pharmaceuticals