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Navigate Global Regulations and Improve RBM Processes to Enhance Data Quality and Trial Efficiency

September 14-15, 2017
  • Barcelona, Spain

With the long-awaited addendum of the ICH E6 guidelines on the horison, now more than ever is the time to convene with industry leading experts to understanding its implications on risk, identification, evaluation, control, review and reporting. Join us in Barcelona for CBI and UBM's 2nd annual Global Risk-Based Monitoring conference to gain robust strategies that will aid in reducing the complexities of implementing efficient RBM methodologies and gain real-life study examples from leading industry experts on your most pressing challenges.

Benchmark Against Industry Leaders To:

  • Gain insight into regulatory expectations for ICH E6 and RBM
  • Benchmark against global industry leaders from around the world
  • Analyse requirements for a formal corrective action preventative action (CAPA) process for ensuring clinical trial management improvement following non-compliance
  • Evaluate implementation approaches, challenges and solutions for in-sourced, outsourced and hybrid models to RBM
  • Develop scalable and adaptable RBM models
  • Build a foundation for a sound risk-based monitoring process through supporting technology
  • Distribute monitoring activities between central monitors and
    field monitors
  • Develop techniques for queries and analysis based on critical to quality variables

14-15 September 2017 | Occidental Atenea Mar | Barcelona, Spain