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Strengthen Compliance Programs through Improved Third-Party and Distributor Management, Increased Transparency and Commitment to Ethics

January 31-February 1, 2017
  • Miami, FL

As the Latin American region continues to be a focus for bio/pharmaceutical and medical device compliance teams due to emerging compliance risks and political unrest, it is more important than ever for compliance teams with responsibilities in this region to work to capitalize on an environment of increased enforcement and individual accountability to improve compliance programs. Gain critical insights at CBI’s Latin American Compliance Congress focusing on key issues facing compliance teams in Latin America, including:

Adhere to Local Laws and Codes, Identify Areas of High Risk and Enhance Compliance Programs:

  • Review recent investigations involving the Brazil Clean Company Act and understand how these affect regional enforcement trends
  • Analyze how Sunshine Act and other U.S. regulations are influencing health law in LATAM
  • Examine strategies to communicate the importance of adhering to international compliance laws
  • Hear about how these advancements in data analytics can be applied to compliance programs in Latin America in an affordable and efficient manner
  • Discuss the construction of compliance programs which mitigate cross-border risks and maximize HCP relationships
  • Mitigate FMV and transparency reporting challenges in HCP interactions
  • Learn about changes to operating models within regions —
    Shift from distributors to integrators
Credits Available! *Pending Approval


Sustainability of a third-party due diligence process after its initial implementation

  • Contract requirements for third-parties
    (ABAC and right to audit clauses)
  • Monitoring and auditing of third-parties
  • Training and certification on ABAC policies

Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2017 Courtyard Coconut Grove Miami, FL