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Strategies for Effective Adoption of the New Standard and Improved Management of Lease Data and Contracts

November 15, 2017
  • Philadelphia, PA

Lease Accounting — Implementing ASC 842
This in-depth, one-day event is part of CBI’s Life Sciences Financial Series, and held in conjunction with the long-standing GTN Summit. As the effective date for ASC 842 looms, many pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies are grappling with the project, specifically challenged by the nuances of accounting/reporting under the new standard and the monumental task of cataloging, organizing and tracking leasing contracts and data. Solutions are actively being sought out, and this event showcases the leading tools/technologies for managing Lease Accounting and presents the prevailing approaches from a technical accounting and financial reporting standpoint.

Key Takeaways and Hot Topics:

  • Review of ASC 842 and update on the latest lease accounting
    changes and key implications
  • Accounting watch-outs and SEC reporting nuances for
    effective adoption of ASC 842
  • Guidance for determinations on discount rates, borrowing rates,
    reporting on subsidiaries and foreign currency translation
  • Review of required reports and disclosures needed to comply
  • Strategies for contract assessment and lease classifications
  • Ways to assess embedded leases
  • Considerations for providing the required side-by-side comparables
    using historical data
  • Project leadership and implementation playbooks and case studies
  • Solutions for cataloging, documenting and analyzing lease data
    across the organization