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Using Genome-Editing to Reduce Drug Development Timelines, Improve Clinical Outcomes and Optimize Manufacturing Processes

December 13, 2017
  • Cambridge, MA

Genome-editing is emerging as a premier tool for drug discovery, ranging from target identification and validation to preclinical testing. CBI’s Cambridge Community Forum on CRISPR examines the current state of genome-editing with a focus on R&D, manufacturing and clinical applications, as well as technology solutions to laboratory challenges. This event serves as the ideal platform for bio/pharma R&D professionals to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with CRISPR, receive a comprehensive view of critical advancements and exchange ideas with some of the most influential leaders that are pioneering further advancements within drug discovery, bioprocessing and therapeutic development. This event brings thought leaders together to develop the strategies necessary to take CRISPR beyond the lab.

Attendees Will Benefit from
an Examination Of:

  • Target Alignment — R&D departments will be given insights on novel CRISPR/Cas9 applications
  • Technical Benchmarking
    R&D communities interface to learn the capabilities of the current technology and discover areas that require development
  • Requirements Gathering
    Understand the needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms (terms of systems, facilities and intellectual property)
  • Collective Problem Solving & Community Building
    Establish strategies to solve industry-wide challenges, draw on shared knowledge and move beyond the lab