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Drive Commercial Excellence by Adopting Best Practices for Sample Efficiency and Effectiveness

June 6-7, 2018
  • New Brunswick, NJ

CBI’s Next Generation Pharmaceutical Samples returns as the preeminent forum to discuss best practices in physician sample programs. We’ve added new content that addresses some of the important emerging issues in sample programs, which helps to chart your program growth for 2018 and beyond. This year’s program looks closely at data, sales optimization, compliance, changing regulations, training, enabling sample technologies, audits & inspections, evolving state and federal regulations and global sample programs.

Focused on Solutions to Your Most Pressing Challenges in Pharmaceutical Sample Management:

  • Optimize sales force coverage for maximized white space performance
  • Automate sales training and ensure your staff is up-to-date with
    changing rules and regulations
  • Navigate the nuanced differences in serialization for
    samples and traditional prescriptions
  • Execute an effective sample program regardless of where a
    product is in its lifecycle for maximum ROI and return
  • Evaluate emerging sample management technologies to reduce losses
  • Ensure sales force access to unique healthcare settings to
    improve coverage
  • Plan a new hospital sample program with a specific focus on
    NDA-PDMA hospitals
  • Avoid cannibalization risks with current customers and
    hospitals taking part in existing programs
  • Leverage patient wellness programs and kitting as a
    vehicle to drive patient engagement

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