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Progressive Insights and Practical Strategies to Drive Clinical Trial and Supply Chain Efficiencies

October 22-23, 2018
  • Philadelphia, PA

The industry is rapidly moving towards end-to-end drug accountability in clinical trials as there is a need to track the receipt of a drug from shipment to dispensing, return and destruction. The IRT continues to gain momentum as a critical component to clinical trial and supply chain strategy, and as the complexity of trials continues to rise, creating efficiencies and optimizing the IRT is paramount.

CBI’s 8th Annual Interactive Response Technologies in Clinical Trials – IRT 2018 unites nearly 200 clinical and supply chain pioneers, and is dedicated to solution-oriented discussions and benchmarking for utilizing this powerful system to inform trial decision-making on both a strategic and operational level. This industry acclaimed meeting continues to be the must attend event of the year!

Practical Case Studies and
Interactive Discussions:

  • Emerging trends, trial designs and complex protocol support
  • Approaches and lessons learned to ensure GDPR compliance
  • Leveraging blockchain technology to enhance
    supply chain management
  • Complexities of supply forecasting
  • Utilizing temperature management to enhance
    supply chain visibility
  • Approaches to select and implement IRT systems
  • Transitioning IRT vendors and systems post-acquisition
  • Approaches to efficient deployment of system change requests
  • Unique challenges of clinical trials for rare diseases

PLUS! Benefit from 4 Interactive Table Talks:

A. Ensuring Audit and Inspection Readiness
B. Vendor Management and Supply Agreement Negotiations
C. Streamline UAT and IRT System Validation
D. Impacts of Brexit on Clinical Trial Supply

Previous Attendee Acclaim:

An excellent opportunity to engage with industry partners
on challenges, best practices and innovations in IRT!

Director, IRT Global Oversight Team, Pfizer Inc

The CBI IRT conference is the only place where the
expert IRT industry can gather and collaborate.

Vice President, Strategic Solutions, YPrime

It’s great to have an IRT-specific conference where vendors and sponsors can discuss and look for solutions that can further enhance the IRT experience.

Senior Trial Account Manager, Novartis

With constantly changing regulations and advances in technology, the IRT conference is vital to me and
my business unit to stay current.

Supply Chain Systems Manager, GlaxoSmithKline

This is the best forum in the pharmaceutical industry for exchanging solutions sponsor to sponsor.

Manager, Clinical Data Management, Allergan