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Navigate New Complexities and Break Through Barriers to Ensure Prescription Access and Affordability

March 4-6, 2019
  • Baltimore, MD

With the advent of Secretary Azar’s directive to immediately pass a law banning rebates between drug companies and insurers comes the potential for significant impact to patient support programs and the ability to serve patients. It is critical for the industry to come together to stay on the pulse of these high-impact issues in order to align patient assistance models and approaches within the changing landscape. PAP 2019 has been designed to ensure the dialogue and learning objectives focus on the latest developments in patient and financial assistance.

Progressive Insights and Dynamic Dialogue
on Pressing Issues Including:

  • The Evolving Healthcare Landscape and the Impacts on
    Patient Access and Affordability
  • Emerging Trends in Copay Restrictions, Accumulators and Maximizers
  • Progressing Patient Support Programs in the Digital Age
  • Current State of Patient Assistance and OIG Oversight
  • Trends and Approaches in Nursing Support Programs
  • Models to Build an Efficient and Effective PAP
  • Technology and Automation Enhancement to Improve the
    Patient Journey
  • Strategies to Enhance Collaboration and Streamline Patient Support

Event Features Enhancing the
Knowledge Sharing

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