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Overcome Patient Affordability Barriers in an Evolving Managed Care and Pharmacy Landscape

April 9-11, 2019
  • San Francisco, CA

CBI’s 5th Annual Formulary, Copay and Access provides a forum for industry to convene, benchmark and gain strategies to navigate new and impending access challenges within the value-based landscape while providing valuable patient services and support including coupons, co-pays and bridge programs.

Featured Content Includes:

  • Explore perspectives on accumulator adjustment programs and identify trends for the future
  • Demystify state-level copay card legislation and assess implications of future state-level regulations
  • Overcome challenges of high-deductible plans, copay caps and
    the evolving healthcare landscape
  • Gain insight on strategies for fast tracking prior authorization and copay assistance for specialty prescriptions
  • Gain insight on key stakeholder challenges to discover new methods for manufacturers to collaborate with payers, pharmacists and physicians to improve patient outcomes
  • Develop best practices to communicate with field reps when
    there are issues with co-pay cards

In The News:
New HHS Proposed Rule — Is this the End of Rebates?

  • “U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar released a long-anticipated rule that could transform the prices that people pay for prescription drugs, and the broader pharmaceutical market. It involves a formerly obscure topic: rebates paid by drugmakers to pharmacy benefit managers.” –Forbes, 2019
  • “This proposal has the potential to be the most significant change in how Americans’ drugs are priced at the pharmacy counter, ever, and finally ease the burden of the sticker shock that millions of Americans experience every month for the drugs they need.” –, 2019
  • “Focusing only on rebates is a diversion from coming up with real solutions to lowering drug costs. The rebate system is the model currently in place, and it's unclear what would replace this important lever that payers now use to lower drug costs for millions of Americans. The HHS proposal suggests that prices would automatically fall in the absence of rebates, but we think this is unrealistic. We need a competitive marketplace that allows payers to negotiate prices with manufacturers to ensure lower overall costs for consumers. Any new system must include the use of proven managed care pharmacy levers, such as formularies and utilization management tools, to help people get the right medications, at the right time and at the right cost.”
    –Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, 2019


Excellent appraisal of approaches and philosophies
in market access and engagement.

Sr. Director, Quality Strategic Consumer Group, J&J Health Care Systems

A cost-effective way to learn from thought leaders, peers and vendors in a topic area of interest. Especially useful at the beginning of the year to set performance goals and think of new approaches to explore during the year.

Assistant Director, Payer Marketing, Acorda Therapeutics

I’m always so thankful for the perspectives shared at CBI conferences. I always take away great industry knowledge
and a deeper understanding of the triumphs and
struggles of my industry partners.

Access Services Manager, Fairview Specialty Pharmacy