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Adopt and Implement Emerging Technologies to Stay Ahead of Changing Regulations, Promote Efficiency and Reduce Costs

March 28-29, 2019
  • Chicago, IL

CBI’s Packaging and Labeling Technologies for Life Sciences brings together the industry leaders in packaging and labeling development. This program gives you a chance to dive into emerging regulations on a global scale to ensure you are prepared for a changing regulatory landscape. Benchmark with peers to gain strategies to evaluate and implement emerging technologies that will streamline efficiencies and optimize your packaging and labeling efforts. Harness the latest strategies in serialization, tamper evidence, packaging materials, testing and label error proofing.

Uncover Groundbreaking Strategies to Capture Efficiencies and Optimize Packaging and Labeling Development:

  • Gain an overview of the regulatory landscape guiding packaging and labeling requirements
  • Harmonize global regulations to devise a universal set of SOPs and processes
  • Master serialization to meet global regulations and reduce costs and inefficiencies
  • Benchmark with peers to learn the latest techniques in tamper evident packaging development
  • Reduce errors and manual review to create consistent labels
  • Learn about emerging packaging materials and testing techniques