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Leverage the Paradigm Shift to Transform Your Clinical Trials — New Technology. Patient Engagement. Clinical Collaboration.

August 8-9, 2019
  • Philadelphia, PA

T3: Trials, Tech and Transformation is the ideal platform to gain direct industry insights and patient perspectives on the major shifts occurring within the clinical trial space. Gain insight into how Industry can evolve through clinical innovations that have the ability to transform current trial methodologies into successfully robust and patient-centric recruitment, engagement and retention plans.

Progressive Insights from Clinical Innovators Include:

  • Strategies to reconstruct and accelerate clinical trials
    using innovative processes
  • Discover the future evolution of partnerships and collaborations
  • Hear case studies on the newest technologies and cutting-edge digital applications and monitoring used in clinical trials
  • Take part in the panel discussion on bold experimentation in clinical trials — How to Innovate with High Costs and
    Risks Using Tech and Digital Applications
  • Explore unique ways to increase diversity in clinical trials
  • Rare Disease Perspectives on patient engagement
    and recruitment
  • Discuss the latest developments in Blockchain and
    AI in Clinical Trials
  • Join an interactive brainstorming session identifying the top pain points in trials and discuss creative and strategic solutions


Today, human-centric innovation has moved to the
forefront of the industry’s ongoing evolution.

Clinical Leader, March 2019

...the ability of blockchain to foster transparency and
trust between parties has the potential to significantly
disrupt the clinical trials industry.

Forbes, February 2018

...accelerating the adoption of technologies that
deliver more rapid and more varied patient data during clinical trials will allow sponsors to compete for targeted patient groups with the Big Tech firms that heavily
invest in healthcare and life sciences.

Clinical Leader, March 2019