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IVT’s Qualifying and Validating Cloud and Virtualized IT Infrastructures Europe

Best Practices to Align Innovative Technology with Regulatory Guidance

November 13-14, 2012

    Available for $298.00

    While the integration of network virtualization, new IT technologies and the cloud into bio/pharmaceutical organizations creates significant opportunities for business innovation, these technologies also create substantial business, security and validation risks.  It is crucial that at a time of new IT advancement, that validation and quality professionals are in on the discussion and have clear guidelines and standard operating procedures to protect the information and data stored virtually.

    IVT’s Qualifying and Validating Cloud and Virtualized IT Infrastructures Europe conference provides a platform for IT, Quality, Validation and Engineering professionals to convene to discuss solutions to tackle how to validate and qualify information being stored in the cloud, and helps organizations construct the foundation for a powerful layered security net to mitigate validation vulnerabilities and remain in compliance with global regulations.

    • Build Your Validation and Quality Roadmap – What now Needs to be Validated and Qualified with the Emergence of Virtual IT Infrastructures and Networks
    • Business Owners or Users – Who is Accountable for Data Quality, Integrity and Confidentiality
    • Implement SOPs for Managing Application Service Providers and Cloud Vendors
    • Establish an Enterprise GRC Program for e-Data and Systems
    • Qualify the Data Archiving Process – Validate New Data Storage Systems
    • Engage with Key Stakeholders Company-Wide – Partner with IT, Legal, and Finance to Ensure Quality and Validation Concerns are Top of Mind
    • Hear a cloud service provider's perspective on meeting industry's compliance requirements