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A • FCPA Compliance Audits and Assessments

Workshop Leader’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

Workshop objective:
This in-depth workshop provides strategies for auditing and monitoring international activities and operations. Learn ways to assess your FCPA program, benchmark against best in class programs and effectively manage corruption and FCPA risk from an audit perspective.

Key Questions to Be Addressed:
•    How have the nature of FCPA violations changed or evolved in recent years?
•    What insights can be gleaned from recent enforcement trends?
•    Are their industry best practices for conducting effective FCPA audits?
•    What specific assessment and audit activities are most beneficial for mitigating risk?

Workshop Outline:
I. Update on the Enforcement Landscape and Overview of Emerging Corruption and FCPA Risks
•    Corruption and FCPA risks
•    Increased enforcement activity

II. Conducting Effective FCPA Compliance Audits
•    Integrated international audits
•    Global clinical trial audit activities
•    Risk management
III. FCPA Program Assessments and Improvements to Strengthen Corruption Risk Mitigation and Monitoring Activities
•    Audit plans which address FCPA issues
•    Develop and monitor practices and maintain training programs

There will be a 30-minute networking and refreshment break at 3:45 p.m.

Jaimee Reid LLM
Senior Manager of Compliance
Strativa Pharmaceutical, a division of Par Pharmaceutical
Mark J. Gerber
Partner, Forensic Services Group
Ryan D. Murphy
Advisory, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Practice