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Start Thinking Locally — The Impact of Integrated Delivery Systems and the ACO Model on Overall Product Reimbursement and Access Strategies

As the system for healthcare management adds the ACO and other new market models, overall product reimbursement and access strategies must include a new set of approaches to round out the traditional national PBMs and health plan tactics.  This session delves into how key elements of your company strategy must change including how companies shape bid packages, relevant types of evidence data and the formation of local value propositions based on the demographics of the more refined service areas these customers are managing.   
•    Understand, as things get more local, that players can change and even traditional players may take on new roles
•    Review the need for more specific market research to tailor your offering to the local market
•    Make observations on the changing roles and responsibilities of a company’s field personnel as decision making becomes more local
•    Hear a side-by-side guide of elements to consider for your launch plan based on the old and new market models

Kevin J. McDermott
Vice President, Managed Markets
Daiichi-Sankyo Inc.