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Panel Discussion • Patients Speak Out on Pharma and Digital Channels

Patients look to expert patients, people like them who have “been there” for advice and support as they navigate their health journeys and wrestle with chronic and life-threatening conditions.  Expert patients are critical information intermediaries who have relied on pharmaceutical products to restore their health, but they also bring a passionate perspective to future patients regardless of their personal experiences with a particular treatment.  So how can (and should) pharma interact with these influential expert patients?  What rules of transparency should apply, both for expert patients and pharma companies?  What makes a “good” expert patient for pharma to try and work with?  What should pharma be prepared for in working with experts?  During this discussion, expert patients speak out on the way in which they wish to and could become arms-length advocates for pharma brands. A panel of expert patients are selected to share their experiences prior to the meeting.

Lisa Emrich
Patient Expert
Amy Gurowitz
Patient Expert
PJ Hamel
Patient Expert
Amy Hendel
Patient Expert