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Panel • What Payers Want — Dive Deep into the Payer Decision-Making Process

Five major forces are hastening the arrival of an outcomes-based world in which the value of a drug tracks more closely with its impact on patient health.  Yet significant barriers remain, particularly between drug manufacturers and health insurers.  As formularies become more complex in nature due to changes in the U.S. healthcare environment, prescription drug manufacturers continue to restructure their approach to managed care marketing and market access strategies to prove more value than ever before in the hands of today’s payers.  However, the term “value” is an ambiguous and subjective concept — value means different things to different stakeholders.  PwC's Health Research Institute conducted industry interviews and surveyed payers to explores possible paths for pharmaceutical companies to unlock value, improve clinical/economic evidence and continue to build transparency with other health organizations.  During this interactive panel discussion, explore PwC’s original survey findings and research results and dissect the meaning of “value” from the payer perspective.

•      What is the impact of changes in Healthcare Policy on payer decision-making process?

•       How do health plans interact with employers on formulary decisions and drug utilization?

•       What are the preferred mediums of communication and deliverables to payers?

Christopher Khoury
Senior Manager, Health Research Institute
Robert Bell
National Accounts Director, Managed Markets
Avanir Pharmaceuticals
F. Michael White Pharm.D.
Director, Clinical Pharmacy
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
Lisa Delancy PharmD, JD, MBA
Former Director, Pharmacy Rebate Contracting and Network
WellCare Health Plans