4th Annual Medical Affairs Excellence Forum2019-01-29Philadelphia, PA United States 6th Annual Clinical Data Disclosure and Transparency2019-01-29Philadelphia, PA United States Patient Registries & Real World Evidence Summit2019-01-30Miami, FL United States IISR 2019 — 7th Annual Investigator Initiated Sponsored Research Summit2019-02-06Boston, MA United States CRO Partnerships & Oversight Excellence2019-03-07Boston, MA United States Complex Generics2019-03-26Philadelphia, PA United States Expanded Access Programs 20192019-03-27Philadelphia, PA United States Pharmaceutical Innovations for Pain Management2019-03-27Washington, DC United States 11th Annual Clinical Trial Budgeting and Forecasting 2019-05-01Philadelphia, PA United States 5th Annual Endpoint Adjudication2019-05-01Philadelphia, PA United States 6th Annual FMV Congress2019-05-01Philadelphia, PA United States Compounding Pharmacy Compliance2019-05-16Washington, DC United States Managed Access Programmes and Accelerated Pathways2019-05-21Amsterdam, The Netherlands Europe Rare Disease Innovation Summit2019-06-12Boston, MA United States 8th Annual Publication and Clinical Trial Transparency Europe2019-06-12Amsterdam, The Netherlands Europe 4th Annual Lay Summaries Summit2019-09-24Philadelphia, PA United States Life Sciences Recalls, Returns and Removals Summit 2019-09-24Location, TBD United States 4th Annual Outcomes-Based Contracting Summit2019-10-02Philadelphia, PA United States eCOA/ePRO 20192019-10-22Philadelphia, PA United States 9th Annual Interactive Response Technologies in Clinical Trials – IRT 20192019-10-22Philadelphia, PA United States