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Evaluate the Impact of Shifting Reimbursement Models on Patient Access, Outcomes and Overall Oncology Costs

October 3-4, 2019
  • Scottsdale, AZ

With the rapid influx of new oncology drugs and innovative treatments entering the market, there is a greater urgency to examine the impact of payer-provider payment reform on overall oncology costs and patient outcomes. Now in its 14th year, CBI’s Value-Based Oncology Management convenes payers, providers, PBMs, manufacturers and specialty pharmacies to discuss current trends, challenges and best practices to bend the oncology cost curve, enhance the quality of care and improve patient outcomes.


  • Assess the current success of alternative oncology
    payment models
  • Understand key components of provider readiness to
    accept risk in value-based contracts
  • Evaluate how shifting payment models, payer initiatives to promote palliative care and advanced care directives impact patient outcomes and total cost of care
  • Examine the role of treatment innovation, biosimilars and
    care-delivery improvement in managing oncology costs
  • Explore critical factors, both clinical and financial,
    affecting the adoption of biosimilars
  • Consider the potential impact of the increase in risk-based models on patient access, outcomes and costs
  • Discuss the evolving role of specialty pharmacy in filling gaps in the patient cancer care continuum
  • Prepare for a mandatory alternative payment model for radiation oncology — Explore the impact of the mandatory model on practices and patient outcomes
  • Address how to manage the business of oncology as
    risk-based reimbursement models increase
  • Review the current state of data interoperability within cancer care and consider the benefits of greater access for regulators, health systems, health plans and patients

Previous Attendee Acclaim:

One of the most informative conferences I have been to in years — All the presentations were very relevant to my job.

Medical Director, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

The conference was a nice collection of experts discussing their current strategies to improve patient care through systems of care delivery. It was excellent.

Public Policy Director, The US Oncology Network