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Strategies for Compliance in an Evolving Healthcare Landscape

November 20-21, 2019
  • Scottsdale, AZ

CBI’s 8th Annual Pharmacy Benefit Management Compliance Congress delivers key insights into the latest compliance developments impacting pharmacy benefit management. You won’t find a better platform for health plans, PBMs and pharmacies to discuss the challenges and successes regarding Part D customer service, guidance on new CMS audit protocols and state legislation of PBMs.


  • Deep-dive analyses into the final Parts C and D appeals and
    grievances guidance
  • CMS priorities ahead for 2020
  • Latest round of state legislation attempting to regulate PBMs Network adequacy requirements —
    What you need to file, how to get the network certified
    Licensure/registration of PBMs Transparency/disclosure reports
  • Lessons learned on how to handle CMS PBM related
    audits and sanctions
  • Updated guidance on new audit protocols for 2020
  • Data validation best practices and techniques to ensure
    accurate reporting to maintain “safe harbor” status
  • New script format standards for prescription transmissions
    and the latest NCPDP standards
  • Electronic prescribing of controlled substances and
    how to leverage new prescription point-of-sale
    safety edits to prevent opioid abuse