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Strategies and Solutions for Identity Management and Patient Matching Across the Complex Healthcare System

May 14, 2019
  • Philadelphia, PA

There is currently no standardized way to identify and match patient records internally, nor externally to other healthcare providers, posing a major challenge to hospitals and the healthcare ecosystem.

Different approaches to standardization are currently being debated. While regulations mandate the use of EHRs, current regulations are not yet on pace with the technology and the lack of standards around the data continues to pose a huge risk to healthcare providers with misidentification costing the average healthcare facility $17.4 million a year in denied claims and potential lost revenue.*

Join us at CBI’s Patient Identification and Matching to gain technology strategies, practical IT solutions/processes and the latest developments in standardization efforts for patient identification management and matching.

Key Insights and Takeaways:

  • How Enhanced Patient Matching is Critical to Achieving the Full Promise of Digital Health Records
  • Featured CIO Perspective — IT Challenges in Healthcare
  • NCPCP Presentation —
    A Framework for Patient Identity Management
  • Integration Opportunities and Challenges Panel
  • The Way Forward — What We Can Do Today to Improve
    Patient Identification and Matching
  • Outlining Industry Recommendations for Next Steps
  • Case Studies and Technology Solutions
  • Tech Table Talks — Peer-to-Peer Roundtable Discussions
  • And much more!

* Data according to a survey of healthcare executives in the 2016 National Patient Misidentification Report from the Ponemon Institute.