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Novel Processes and Advancements for Engaging Patients and Infusing Insights Back into the Business

June 22-23, 2017
  • Philadelphia, PA

CBI’s Patient Engagement Solutions Summit is your best opportunity for gathering information about advances in technology and new methods for improving patient activation and engagement. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about what’s on the cutting edge of patient engagement technology and how life sciences companies can infuse patient insights back into their business.

Key Reasons to ENGAGE with
CBI’s Patient Engagement Solutions Summit:

  • Examine when and how to bring the patients voice into protocol development
  • Bridge the gap between digital and non-digital systems to improve patient outcomes
  • Assess the needs of advocacy groups and improve your partnership skills
  • Develop and deliver technology tools in a way that is useful for patients and caregivers with limited health literacy skills
  • Evaluate the challenges and opportunities of collecting
    real-world data
  • Create a best practices checklist for working with patient advocacy groups and communities
  • Explore how engagement experiences can be designed to complement existing patient CRM platforms and drive engagement and adherence

Cutting-Edge Insights for Greater Patient-Centricity:

“Transforming the Patient Experience with Groundbreaking Advancements” Engaging Presentation

“Build Successful and Compliant Collaboration with Advocacy Groups and Community Organizations” Multi-Perspective Panel

“Explore the Opportunities of Mobile Patient Monitoring — Wearables, Sensors and Beyond” Co-Presentation

June 22-23, 2017 Hyatt at the Bellevue Philadelphia, PA