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Navigate Medical Affairs Complexities and Shine Light on R&D Compliance to Propel Scientific Exchange

December 4-5, 2018
  • Philadelphia, PA

CBI’s Bio/Pharma Compliance Congress on Non-Promotional Activities offers an unparalleled agenda delivered by the industry’s leading experts. During this meeting, navigate medical affairs complexities and shine light on R&D compliance to propel scientific exchange in a time of increased scrutiny. Collaborate with your peers to zero in on prevailing industry approaches to advance your company’s compliance efforts and return with clear
strategies to navigate the gray area between clinical and
commercial to ensure compliance enterprise-wide.

CCB Credits
Available! Pending Approval


  • Examine the Latest Trends in Off-Label Enforcement and Uncover Emerging High- Risk Areas Requiring Heightened Oversight
  • Assess Promotion Versus Scientific Exchange to Identify Boundaries Related to Medical Information and Communication Interaction
  • Implement and Oversee Medical Science Liaison Programs
  • Navigate Top Compliance Risks throughout the Clinical Trial Lifecycle
  • Engage in Compliant Pre-Approval Communication
  • Dive into the Legal Implications of Nurse Educator Programs
  • Demonstrate Compliance Considerations for Patient Assistance and Patient Support Programs
Partnership Pavilion

Collaborate cross-functionally to ensure compliance enterprise-wide

Tailored Working Groups

A.Optimize compliance programs for non-promotional activities for small to mid-sized companies

B.Adjust non-promotional goals to meet compliance standards within large global organizations

C.Introduce non-promotional compliance considerations into medical device product lifecycles

Industry Playbook

Benchmark with industry to see how processes and policies are changing as a result of the new guidance