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De-risk Technology Implementation to Remove Bottlenecks, Streamline Development and Reduce Cost

June 21-22, 2018
  • San Diego, CA

To overcome the growing demands of cost reduction and increased productivity, pharmaceutical and biotech companies must deploy solutions to alleviate current, and prevent future, downstream bottlenecks. CBI’s Disruptive Downstream Technologies showcases platforms and strategies to de-risk innovation, accelerate technology adoption and increase the efficiency of your operations.

Participate at CBI’s intimate, solutions-driven forum and bring cost effective strategies to your manufacturing facilitates.

Together as a community we will share new ideas, solutions and lessons learned to accelerate the development and implementation of transformative technologies. Let CBI help you prepare for the next wave of modalities and increasingly diversified pipelines.


  • Identification and removal of problematic host cell
    proteins in CHO Bioprocessing
  • Risk mitigation strategies to control antibody reduction
    during recovery
  • Enhance product and contaminant separation using
    newly developed materials
  • Identify risk areas and technical solutions to manage
    intensified processes liabilities
  • Combine multiple technology types to create
    flexibility for manufacturing at scale
Why Attend?
  • De-risk technology implementation through
    collaborative problem solving
  • Stay abreast of current DSP trends through dialogue with
    industry experts and leading academics working in
    the separation sciences
  • Prepare for the demands that next-generation, large
    molecule therapeutics, will place on manufacturing
A New Community, Built for You

CBI BioProcessing Series icon CBI’s Bioprocessing Series has been strategically designed to unite developers and end users to collaborate and examine emerging trends, uncover new opportunities and overcome key challenges to successfully develop and produce the next wave of biotherapeutics.

Each event will serve as a platform to unite leading experts from every department and stage of development, to collectively tackle specific challenges in one room — not separated into several tracks with a tradeshow-like setup.

This streamlined approach paves the way for a variety of interactive formats that will encourage participation and maximize the conference experience for every attendee.