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Demonstrate Value Effectively Using Real-World Evidence and Health Technology Assessments

October 24-25, 2018
  • Dallas, TX

The reimbursement landscape for MedTech and medical devices is shifting and forcing manufacturers to innovate and rapidly adapt in order to ensure coverage for their products. CBI’S MedTech Reimbursement Summit delves into current reimbursement policies and practices, effective strategies for evidence generation and utilization and opportunities to develop cutting-edge coding mechanisms and cost-effectiveness and value demonstrations. As the paradigm shifts with the healthcare and pricing landscapes, hear about innovative opportunities to ensure reimbursement for MedTech products across public and private insurance.

Gain Tangible Takeaways to Ensure Coverage in a Complex and Competitive MedTech Market

  • Understand how to appropriately and practically plan for reimbursement during early product development
  • Learn about innovative opportunities to leverage HEOR and RWE in value assessments for payers and providers
  • Navigate state Medicaid programs to ensure appropriate reimbursement and coverage
  • Develop defensible quality measures to support coverage and reimbursement
  • Implement best-in-class processes when introducing a new product or technology to the market
  • Bridge gaps between payers, providers and manufacturers to improve collaboration and streamline processes