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Stay on the Pulse of Evolving Clinical Technology and Strategies to Enhance Clinical Trial Efficiencies

October 28, 2019
  • Philadelphia, PA

CBI’ s eCOA/ePRO 2019 provides peer-to-peer benchmarking and critical insights on the increasing utilization of BYOD, mobile devices, sensors, wearables and other innovative technologies in clinical trial data collection. Benefit from in-depth sessions and actionable takeaways related to the use of technology to support clinical trials and high-quality data collection.


  • Evolving requirements for audit trails and
    changes to patient data
  • Approaches to UAT and validation to ensure
    data accuracy and integrity
  • Integration with patient-facing technology and
    third-party devices
  • Trends in voice assistance technology to capture PRO data
  • Monitor and manage subject compliance in eCOA
  • Manage eCOA localization and translations in large global trials
  • Industry initiatives for a standardized eCOA library and opportunities for reuse

The CBI eCOA event is a useful, informative and engaging event that brings together industry leaders to discuss
the current eCOA landscape. For any sponsor, vendor
or monitor organization that uses eCOA, this
conference is a worthwhile experience.

Lead IRT and ePRO Operations Specialist, Shire