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Innovative Models for Assurance and Advisory Practices

October 2-4, 2019
  • Philadelphia, PA

CBI’s 10th Annual Internal Audit and Third-Party Risk is the life science industry’s most in-depth forum, driven by industry leaders, to equip the internal audit and governance community with proven strategies for conducting detailed audits of high-risk areas enterprise-wide. Join peers for deep-dive sessions on company culture audits, IT audits, FCPA/third-party audits and cyber security audits and address evolving internal audit functions from both a technology and innovation perspective. With compliance stakes rising, internal audit departments are far more prominent and hold more responsibility than ever before. This highly-focused, content-rich program paves the way to navigate the latest industry trends and compliance hurdles facing IA teams in an ever-changing, complex and rigorous reporting environment.

Hot Topics for 2019:

  • CAE Assessment — Internal Audit Today and Future Trends Amidst a Changing Risk Environment
  • Intellectual Property Protections —
    Prepare for Insider and Outsider Threats
  • Compliance Address — Corporate Character Playbook —
    A Look at Culture Assessments and Audits to Drive Positive Outcomes for Sustained Success
  • Luminary Showcase — Leading Audit Frameworks and Standards Based on Company Size and Scope
  • Optimize Cloud Governance and Enterprise Risk Management—Executing IT Audit
  • Inaugural Benchmarking Survey Results Revealed —
    Powered by the Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Examine Enforcement Trends and Fraud Investigations
  • Forward-Thinking Strategies for Evaluating and
    Managing Third-Party Risks
  • A Journey to the Dark Side of International Business and
    Steps to Protect Your Organization

Join Tailored Content Streams:

A. The Third-Party Challenge —
Oversight and Auditing of CROs, CMOs and other Vendors

  • Propel Compliant Partnerships with CROs and CMOs
  • Compliant Patient Assistance and Support Programs
  • Practice Alignment and Governance Frameworks for
    Finance and Accounting Activities

B. Forward-Thinking IA Strategies for Integrated Assurance

  • Data Governance, CA Privacy Protection Act and GDPR Applications
  • Demystifying Managed Markets Activities for Streamlined Audits
  • Enhance Controls to Mitigate Compliance Risks Associated with
    Sales and Marketing Efforts


Building a Third-Party Risk Assessment Framework

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