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Effectively Manage IP, Liability and Data to Expedite Trial Agreements

December 10-11, 2019
  • Philadelphia, PA

CBI’s Clinical R&D Series announces CBI’s Clinical Trial Legal and Contracting Forum that serves as the only meeting that is singularly focused on the detailed legal and contracting issues that relate to clinical agreements of all types.

This go-to event provides legal, compliance, contracting and operations professionals with the insights they need to construct agreements that fully address liability provisions, IP, proprietary data, confidentiality, regulations, publication requirements, and much more.

Through didactic presentations, interactive discussions, and mock contracting, participants will walk away with a detailed understanding of how they can work with all stakeholders (sponsors, CROs, AMCs, sites, etc.) to streamline and improve the contracting process.

Attendees will...

  • Examine how sponsors and sites can manage risk of
    remote clinical trials
  • Learn about clauses that impact allocation of risk
  • Know how to minimize and manage escalations during
    the negotiation process
  • Hear considerations for investigator-initiated studies
  • Achieve greater collaboration in contracts to establish
    successful negotiation practices

Previous Series Acclaim:

The presenters provided current information on contracting, clarified legal language, discussed common issues
between sites and sponsors.


A great opportunity to put faces to names of people with whom I negotiate. Although the content is solid, the questions asked by attendees and responses from speakers lent additional context to the slides and addressed issues common to sponsors and sites.