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Critical Updates and a Roadmap for New and Proposed Changes

June 19-20, 2019
  • Alexandria, VA

CMS’s proposed rule to eliminate safe harbor protections for Medicare Part D and Medicaid managed-care drug rebates will have immense implications for all healthcare stakeholders. At CBI’s Strategic Medicare Contracting Forum, you’ll benefit from the opportunity to gain insights from industry experts on the complex changes occurring within Medicare. For life sciences manufacturers, this event provides a real-time analysis of newly proposed regulations, including the proposal to eliminate rebates, the use of step therapy under Medicare Part B, changes to coverage gap, influence of the International Pricing Index and much more. Importantly, attendees gain strategic insight into the implications of these changes to a broader pricing and contracting strategy. High-level experts from UnitedHealthcare, BIO, Pfizer Inc, Gilead Sciences, Bristol-Myers Squibb, The White House and a former CBO Director share critical assessments at this important event.

Join colleagues and expert speakers to stay ahead of the curve on Medicare!


  • Implications of CMS’s proposal to remove rebates
  • Update from Washington on Medicare policy and
    perspective from the Hill
  • Assess the future of Medicare Part D
  • Analyze the potential impact of the IPI model on
    the various stakeholders
  • Understand how step therapy may influence
    Part B drug pricing
  • Review CMS’s proposed exceptions to the six protected
    drug classes in Medicare Part D
  • Discover coverage and payment strategies for novel and
    high cost therapies for rare diseases under Parts A and B
  • Impact of value frameworks on access to medications
  • Innovative pricing strategies & Part D channel impact
  • Examine the impact of reductions on WAC and
    authorized generics