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Ensure Rapid, Efficient and Flexible Trial Operations

March 7-8, 2019
  • Boston, MA

CBI’s CRO Partnerships & Oversight Excellence brings pharma startups, large pharma and CROs together to optimize clinical partnerships. This program gives you a chance to learn everything you need to ensure first-time partnerships are well-matched, optimized and clear of bottlenecks. Benchmark with peers to gain strategies to evaluate and implement best practices that will ensure your trials stay on time and on budget. Gain the latest strategies in contacting, budget management, CRO selection, service scaling, data management, project management, milestone creation and much more.

Uncover Groundbreaking Strategies to Capture Efficiencies and Optimize Operations in Clinical Research Operations (CRO) Partnerships:

  • Gain techniques to perfect first time CRO contracts to ensure successful partnerships
  • Uncover efficiencies in budgetary management to ensure clinical trials stay on time and budget
  • Establish deliverables and KPIs to ensure CRO partners are motivated and efficient
  • Learn to identify and evaluate first time CRO partners to ensure operational alignment
  • Gain strategies to scale partnerships to trials, manage multiple trials and conduct trials on a global scale
  • Master the underlying clinical infrastructure to ensure your CROs and organization has the right tools


Factors that contribute to the challenges small pharma have with executing proper vendor oversight include a lack of solid QA presence, inexperienced QA staff, and staff lacking the right QA experience for their assigned responsibilities.

Clinical Leader, July 2018

By ensuring that a robust change management plan is developed and activated to complement the overall project outsourcing plan, the CRO and the client senior management can ensure that initial resistance and lack of clarity on the outsourcing strategy can be reduced significantly.

Contract Pharma, June 2018

Outsourcing has several advantages, such as the ability to accelerate the drug discovery process, control development costs, exploit profitable niche markets and minimize time to market. Along with the benefits of outsourcing come some challenges and risks to the sponsor organizations including ensuring efficient data exchange, managing multiple contracts, successful technology transfer, and reliable and consistent product delivery.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, June 2018