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Compliant Program Design, Operations and Oversight to Advance Patient Education

November 20-21, 2019
  • Philadelphia, PA

Join your compliance, patient access and medical affairs counterparts to uncover leading strategies that ensure compliance throughout the design and management of Nurse Educator Programs.

During a time with advanced therapy regimes and complex reimbursement models—Nurse Educators are there to address the knowledge gap and simplify the path forward for patients, from clinical interactions to commercialization.
At CBI’s can’t-miss Nurse Educator Programs, discuss strategies to optimize patient adherence uncover best practices for improving the overall patient experience, and strategically set goals and objectives to ensure program success.

Top Benefits from Attending:

  • Hear top enforcement trends and focal points for
    2019 and beyond
  • Design a Nurse Educator Program and Explore Strategies
    for Launch Success
  • Evaluate Which Departments Should Oversee Nurse Educator
    Programs and How Teams Can Collaborate to Minimize Risks
  • Implement and Enhance Innovative Auditing and Monitoring
    Programs to Manage Risk and to Ensure Compliance


Companies realize that there is a huge advantage when deploying Nurse Educators because not only does it allow patients to learn how to properly take their medication, but also ensures product features and benefits are being communicated in a peer-to-peer format with key nursing personnel.

PR Newswire, May 2018

But to detractors, the nurse educators blur the line between caregiver and marketer, raising ethical questions for both the nurses who deliver the care and the companies that pay their salaries.

Stat News, October 2018

Pharmaceutical companies should leverage the vast experience and knowledge nurses can bring to the table. Empowered nurses are powerful agents of change that have positive effects on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and within society at large.

DTC Perspectives, June 2017